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At Taurus Mining Solutions we are serious about quality. Since our inception the quality assurance policies and systems that we have in place, are continuously updated to ensure they cover all aspects of our expanding operations, and will last for the lifetime of your product. The Taurus Quality Assurance Procedures ensure that everything from order creation through to product design, manufacture and delivery is to the highest possible standards. Warranty is a large part of this process and we ensure that the warranty we provide on our products, is not only in line with industry standards, but exceeds them.


             Full 12 months or 6000 hour warranty

  •          Which ever milestone comes first, we will ensure that the product we provide you not only does as it is intended to do, but will ensure that in the unlikely event of a warranty claim, your product is repaired in a timely manner with exceptional customer service and a quality repair.

           Guaranteed easy customer support experience
  •          Our customer Support team are here to ensure that we work as your partner.  Our goal is to minimise any down time and get your machine back to work as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to ensure we meet your deadline requirements.  Time is Money. We get that and we are here to save you where we can.