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Our Values

At Taurus Mining Solutions our Values are the cornerstone of our operations. They ensure our buckets and bodies are produced with Safety, Inclusion, Diversity, Performance, Innovation, Integrity, and Quality.

We take pride in our commitment to health, safety, and well-being. To ensure the highest health and safety standards exist, we empower our people with knowledge and guidelines that allow them to take responsibility for their health and safety while also looking out for their workmates. Our values around building collaborative relationships and health and safety promotion will ensure that Taurus Mining Solutions' outstanding safety initiatives and performance continue to benefit our employees, customers, contractors, and suppliers.
Performance and Innovation
We use Total Quality Management techniques in line with international standards and our strategically aligned product innovation charter to ensure excellence in research, innovation, performance, and new product development. In addition, we consider all new concepts in terms of form, technology, and customer need/benefit, and evaluate them by analysing uniqueness, need fulfillment, feasibility, impact, scalability, and strategic fit from a qualitative and quantitative standpoint. By adhering to our performance and innovation systems, we can determine failure or success likelihood which means that by the time our products reach the customer, they have been scrutinised, tested, and bench-marked to ensure satisfaction.
Inclusion and Diversity
At Taurus Mining Solutions, inclusion and diversity, while an ethical given, are strategic cornerstones of our operation. Diversity and inclusion promote organisational commitment and psychological empowerment, providing a stable climate for innovation, collaboration, and teamwork. By valuing our people and providing equal access to opportunities and fair treatment, we promote strength in our organisation that, with effective diversity management, leads to excellence in customer service and increased productivity. Most importantly, though, our people are appreciated, safe, valued, and promoted on their strengths and abilities.
Transparency, honesty, and professionalism are at the heart of Taurus Mining Solutions' corporate governance code and operations. We center integrity in all aspects of operations to connect corporate, moral, and intellectual virtues, skills and business practice with leadership, governance, and sustainability. Taurus Mining Solutions have strong ethical principles and will always work with integrity in every situation to ensure our continued success, and positive stakeholder relationships.
Taurus Mining Solutions takes pride in its quality, built-to-last innovative products. Our design integrity is second-to-none, thanks to our alliances with first-class engineering and design companies. The steel we use is of the highest quality from reputable suppliers to ensure optimum strength and long product life. We engineer to superior standards with comprehensive best practice quality assurance and safety protocols, including state-of-the-art computer modelling and Finite Element Analysis, to ensure our products remain superior to all others on the market in life and production gains. Taurus Mining Solutions products are light, strong, reliable, and backed by our quality customer service, comprehensive support, and leading product warranty.
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