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The Taurus Mining Solutions production-cost-reducing buckets and mining dump truck bodies provide millions of dollars in savings annually for our customers, but that is only the beginning of our unique value proposition. Our commitment to safe and ethical innovation and quality means that our suppliers must align with our core values resulting in products of exceptional quality with a warranty you can trust. 



Our bodies are light-weight, carry more, and designed to last. They are subject to independent productivity measurement techniques, and the latest and most rigorous engineering modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) systems. In addition, our products are only built with the best possible quench and tempered plate available. We also ensure a first-class QA-QC system to ensure the end product is of a world class standard. We are extremely proud of our excellent quality in materials, workmanship and engineering and encourage customer visits during the manufacturing process. More info....



Taurus Mining Solutions buckets are light and strong, with a unique design that reduces wear and drag in operation compared to conventional buckets. They are subject to the same stringent engineering, FEA processes and quality control systems that are applied to our bodies, and have been proven time and again to out perform other excavator buckets on the market in both life and production gains. More info....

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