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Taurus Mining Solutions buckets are light and strong, with unique designs that reduce wear and drag in operation compared to conventional buckets. They are subject to the same stringent engineering, FEA processes and

quality control systems that are applied to our bodies, and have been proven time and again to

out-perform other buckets on the market in both life and productivity gains.

Excavator and Loader Buckets

As an industry leader in the design and manufacture of mining buckets, Taurus designs are suitable for all mining applications, including hard rock, iron ore and coal.

All Taurus buckets are designed with innovative and unique features for industry-leading levels of reliability, durability and productivity gains. Our products also have options available, including the unique 45-degree corner option and the conventional 90-degree corner option. In addition, our products can have the capacities, weights and wear packages adjusted to suit specific site conditions.

Each bucket is custom-engineered for optimum OEM compatibility and designed with unique features to ensure:

 - Less maintenance

 - Reduced wear

 - Decrease in damage

 - Less downtime

 - Lower fuel burn

 - Reduced tyre wear

 - Reduced stress/wear on equipment components

 - Less loading face and dump area clean up

Unique Features

  • A variety of buckets for differing applications

  • Fully designed and engineered with state-of-the-art computer modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Designed to meet customer requirements

  • Made from the highest quality Australian or European Q&T plate (Taurus will not use any brands of inferior plates)

  • All external structural plates are grade 80 Q&T plate

  • All internal floor, front wall, and side wall wear plates are grade 450 Q&T plate

  • Lightweight without compromising strength and life

  • Critical radius shapes to front and side walls to limit material hang up, impact, and reduce wear

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