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Over a decade ago, Taurus Mining Solutions revolutionised excavation, loading, and hauling in minerals extraction by engineering new designs for excavator buckets and dump truck bodies. The designs were innovative and focused on quality, long life, and the ability to increase operational efficiencies while decreasing cost, wear, and environmental impacts for its customers.


Back then, because of our ambitions to be a technological leader, we were the first to market. Today, our revolutionary concepts have caught on, but we remain the industry leader thanks to the knowledge, expertise, and experience of our team that deliver on attributes yet to be replicated.


Our commitment to research and development for new, innovative mining buckets and bodies, and our values-driven approach means we consistently meet the changing needs of our clients. We believe this makes us a worthy member of our customers' value chain and a worthwhile industry partner.


Global Capabilities

At Taurus Mining Solutions, we are 100% Australian owned with full after sales support on a global scale. We offer best practice safety and quality assurance principles and design integrity via our alliances with first-class engineering and design companies, and via fabrication facilities located in Australia and Indonesia. 

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